XanaduDream Titan Got Game of MRK and Bellarista Sugar Cookie of MRK

Litter born 02/10/16

We have 3 brown girls in the litter are available. All carry snow, may carry melanistic and are pk def N/N and Pra-B N/N by parentage!
Pet or breeder inquiries accepted. They will be ready to go at 12 weeks of age- around May 4th.




 MRK Treasure Seeker and MRK Buttercup

Litter born 02/22/2016

There is a brown marble , brown rosetted, and snow girl available:
 This litter is pk def N/N by parentage, pra-b testing pending for father-mother is Pra-B N/N.




MRK Tootsie Lu x MRK Treasure Seeker have 5 brown boys available!

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