Our bengals:

Bellarista Sugar Cookie of MRK

Sugar is an extremely sweet and loving mink spotted girl. She is tested PK Def Negative N/N


Pocket Leopards Zip Zap of MRK

This guy is gorgeous. He has large paws, wide nose, puffy whiskers. He has great type and is also the first Sepia that Pocket Leopards produced. We are very happy to have Zappy here. He is tested PK Def negative N/N and tested cb/cb sepia he also carries melanistic.



Solana Ranch Secret Treasure of MRK


This is our latest addition to MRK. She is pk def N/N and carries sepia. 

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XanaduDream Titan Got Game of MRK

Titan is a great combination of many ALC lines.

He is an F7 and carries melanistic. He is pk def N/N

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